Baby Stationery

Our baby is due any day now.  We're just two weeks shy of his due date and it's harder than ever to move around!  I've been sleeping, snacking, and going for short walks with Rosie that feel like marathons.  As payback for my general exhaustion and unwillingness to pick up her ball each time she loses it under the sofa, Rosie ran away twice this week.  Let me repeat: my dog. ran away. twice.  Onto the main road! Picture me pregnant and barefoot in Peter's old Montauk sweatshirt and boxers yelling for her.  In other words: not glam.  Two times kind, generous women appeared at our front door in East Hampton wondering if I have a beautiful little cavalier and whether I'd like to come get it out of their car.  I was so flustered and upset that I don't think I managed to say thank you to either woman.  So I'm putting it out there into the universe: thank you!  Do you think Rosie is having a panic attack that the baby is just around the corner?  Suddenly she's yappy, anxious, and looking for the exits.  Ahh, motherhood.  Can't wait.

Last week I sent out all of our baby shower thank you notes.  You don't need to pre-order custom stationery.  Instead, head to The Paper Source and buy some basic stationery and printed paper to create your own lined envelopes for a touch of custom sophistication.  For instructions check out this post.  I wanted stationery that was baby-oriented with a little bit of whimsy.  So I picked out some art-paper with a whimsical ocean theme, perfect for a summer baby on the way.  The blue color scheme said "it's a boy" and the red accents were a great excuse to  write and address all of the notes in red ink.  I chose recycled brown paper stationery because it had an unfussy, summer camp feel.  And voila - in roughly 1 hour and $36, I was able to assemble 40 thank yous. 

I can't wait to show you what we have in store for baby announcements...

Have a wonderful weekend!  Keep the dog inside and be thankful for the kindess of strangers!