A Keepall for Keepsakes

One of my most prized possessions is an old cookie tin.  I never tried the cookies themselves (we swiped the tin from my mother-in-law) but it's the perfect size to store letters and notes.  Peter and I keep the loves notes we leave for each other and we also hang onto any especially sweet letters or letters related to an important event.  Our New Year's Resolutions for each year are in there too. They all fit snuggly in our cookie tin.  And from time to time (most often on New Year's Eve) we sift through and reread them.

We are mostly minimalists when it comes to hanging onto 'things' and we have this upcoming weekend reserved for Spring Cleaning (which means that Peter will goad me into throwing or giving away practically everything I own).  But there are some things I'll never part with.  And I love that they have their own little home in our home!

Do you hang onto your special correspondence?  What's your keepall for your keepsakes?  What things are you willing to part with?

PS Peter and I occassionally help friends go on cleaning sprees.  A year or so ago we 'helped' a friend by mounting her tv (a Peter specialty) and ended up throwing away eight bags of her stuff.  The panic on her face was palpable.  We even found her apartment lease from college.  From college!  And then Peter made her buy a Miele vacuum (his prized possession).  I'll send you all a Spring Cleaning update from our own apartment next week.  We might not have college leases but I guaranty that I have hoarded some secret keepsakes somewhere that Peter will hunt down and destroy.