New Year's Resolutions


This New Year's Eve we begged our friends to let us stay in and eat pizza and drink fancy champagne (a favorite past-time), but they simply wouldn't let us.  Instead, they dragged us around the corner for a perfect, festive and fabulously fun dinner at Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria.  We had four delicious courses and an outrageous amount of freshly baked bread.  We sat cozied up next to the kitchen and so I only kept my fur coat around my shoulders until after the ricotta (is anyone else chronically cold?).  Peter had no trouble staying warm with a bit of whiskey.  Our friends came over after dinner to blow NYE paper horns as loudly as possible and watch the ball drop.  We drank Cipriani bellinis after the good stuff was gone.

My very favorite part of each New Year's Eve, though, is writing down my resolutions.  I do it each year and my husband now loves the tradition.  He seals the envelope but I never do.  I like to check back from time to time to see whether I'm on track.  On the eve of 2011, after we'd known eachother for just about a year, he wrote down his resolutions with a smirk, sealed them up and kept them secret.  On the eve of 2012, less than a month before our wedding date and about three months after we became engaged, he opened them up to show me.  

His number one resolution was to "Marry Annie." 

If only I were so romantic!  In the past my successful resolutions have included: giving up my ipod in public, reading one book a month and drinking more water.  This year I have some special resolutions up my sleeve.  I might just have to seal the envelope!

Since I've known him, Peter writes on the envelopes in cursive.  We always use Crane & Co. response cards, similar available here.  We left out extra stationery for our guests to write down their resolutions - sometimes I even hold onto them all year!