Presidential Stationery

Happy President's Day!

I've always revered Crane & Co. as the most classic and sophisticated stationer on the market.  But when I found out that Crane & Co. has been producing official U.S. correspondence since the 1700's, I fell even more deeply in love with the brand!  Steven Crane took over Massachusetts' very first paper mill in 1770 and renamed the mill 'The Liberty Paper Mill,'  wherein patriotic newspapers advocating for the causes of the American Revolution were printed.  Even Paul Revere was a fan!  He helped finance the Revolution by engraving colonial currency on Crane paper.  One hundred some odd years later, in 1879, Crane won its first contract to produce official U.S. Currency.  Below is a telegram from M. M. Crane communicating their successful currency bid.  Crane still produces U.S. currency from its mill in Massachusetts.  

Crane is also the official stationer of White House correspondence and the Presidential seal.  Crane has served through dozens of administrations, even as far back as Roosevelt and Eisenhower.  I'm impressed!  My only question is: when will I receive a White House invitation in the mail?

Enjoy your day off work - won't you consider sending out a letter or two?


Eleanor Roosevelt's Crane & Co. visiting card with official Presidential seal.  This type of card would have been sent over to a neighbor, friend or guest announcing the hours in which Mrs. Roosevelt would be home to receive their company.  

Official White House stationery.

President & Mrs. Roosevelt's Crane & Co. Christmas Card, 1942.