The Shopping List

For the moment, I'm a stay-at-home-mom and I've spent some of my time figuring out ways of making our household run more efficiently.  I told Pete that I wanted to be as good at staying home as I am at my day job (for those of you under the impression that motherhood and homemaking are not work, please go give your mother or grandmother a ring).  So far I've realized that it's all about organization.  I'm a long way away before I could write the home making section of Real Simple magazine, but things like choosing 1 day a week to have the dry cleaning picked up and delivered and making a weekly fresh direct order for items that are too heavy to carry have gone a long way for our sanity.  

I've been looking for ages for some cute stationery to keep on the fridge as a market list.  Enter Rifle Paper co.  I'm in love with everything they do.  And I was absolutely charmed to come across this sweet little market list note pad with adhesive magnet included for $9.50.  It helps me remember what I need to collect from the market, which is supremely helpful in these days in which I can hardly remember my name.  A word to the wise: don't spend too long poking around their website.  You're liable to bankrupt yourself.