Smitten by Smythson

A shot of our liquor cabinet this past weekend.  Our Smythson books make a beautiful counterpoint to the roses I picked up at the Union Square flower market (Saturdays only).

Smythson of Bond Street, the luxury stationery and leather goods company, first opened its doors in London in 1887.  Not long after it wooed its 19th century clients with the world's finest paper goods, Smythson introduced the first-ever featherweight appointment diary so that a man could carry one around in his suit pocket.  Sigh.  The days before iphones.

We were introduced to Smythson late in 2011 when a very dear friend purchased us a Smythson guest book of sorts as a wedding gift.  The book, pictured above, is leather bound and engraved with the words "Brunches, Lunches, Suppers and Dinners" on the spine.  The point is to make a record of each of the events you host in your home.  On the left side of the page there is a diagram of a dining room table, to be filled in with the names and places of your guests.  On the right side there is space to write notes about what dishes and cocktails were devoured.  We've noted every fête we've held from our post-wedding brunch to birthday dinners, sunday luncheons and cocktail parties.  We even made an entry for our Hurricane Sandy shut-in when we made pumpkin risotto by candlelight and listened to Billie Holiday on the ipad (until a dwindling battery determined otherwise).  Soon after we received our wedding gift Peter picked up his own Smythson Panama Diary, a leather soft cover with Smythson's signature blue pages and gilded edges.  And the Address Book followed quickly - a perfect place to transcribe our digital and haphazard list of addresses.  

Not only do Smythson leathergoods make you feel fancy as you stay organized, but they add a beautiful and subtle touch to your home.  Ours are always out, usually decorating our liquor cabinet as they are in the photo above.  

I love that Smythson's motto is, "synonymous with discreet good taste."  I could hardly find a way to describe chic-living more succinctly. 


Postscript - there's something about owning a Smythson diary that makes you want to go out and do things worth writing down, no?


A proud shot by Peter of his then brand-new Panama Diary at the beginning of 
2012.  Similar available here.