A Bond Street Christmas Dinner

One of my very favorite pieces of advice from Miss Manners is that "adults entertain in their home."  In a city where a dining room table can well be considered an "amenity", at-home entertaining is somewhat rare.  But I adore it.  This week we invited some friends over for a Christmas themed dinner party full of red wine and holiday cheer.  Even Jack (who just wanted to party) joined the festivities.

I spent the snow day sipping on red wine (shh!) and slowly cooking Julia Child's Bouef Bourguinon, a complicated recipe that makes each bite feel well earned.  It was delicious and perfect for a winter evening.  I served it with roasted garlic potatoes (just quarter a bag of small potatoes and toss with olive oil, salt, pepper and a head of garlic, minced.  Toss in the oven when your guests arrive and roast for 40ish minutes at 400 degrees while you sip on cocktails) and a loaf of bread from Il Buco Alimentari.  We drank a new favorite Cabernet Sauvignon from my favorite vitner, September Wines. And for dessert we snacked on homemade Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread and Talenti's Eggnog Icecream.

Each place was set with a sprig of evergreen (cut from the bottom of the Christmas tree!) and a bit of dried lavender.  

Merry Christmas to us!


PS Things have been a little slow going over here.  Last week Jack had a cough.  My mom came to visit and said, "Oh, he's just picking up one of those dozens of cold viruses that youve already been exposed to.  You won't get sick.  Don't worry about it."  By the next morning I was laid up with a sore throat, unable to breathe, literally seeing spots.  Jack handled it like a champion but reverted to feeding like a newborn, every 2.5 to 3 hours through the night.  So I was extra run down and exhausted until early this week.

PPS My mom spoke too soon.  She called yesterday and I could tell right away that this cold had gotten the best of her, too!