Breakfast in Bed


Am I the only one who thinks breakfast in bed is the perfect way to celebrate...anything?  It's so fun to make ceremony out of breakfast food, which for the record, is by far my favorite.  Breakfast is so easy to put together that it's not hard to spend the extra time to make it feel fancy. 

On the morning of our anniversary this past Monday I put together a breakfast tray for Peter & me (and stuck Rosie in her crate with a new bone, muah ha ha).  We cozied up on the sofa, though, because by the time we got ourselves out of bed it was already noon and time to watch the inauguration.  We ate our English Scramble (recipe below!) while we ooed and ahhed over the Obamas (and Beyonce, of course).  I also added a fruit cup for us to share (honeydew, papaya & blueberries), tomatoes provencal (the quick version), fresh squeezed orange juice, illy coffee and whole grain toast cut straight from the loaf (a staple from Dean & Deluca).

There is a formal way to set a breakfast tray, by the way.  And this is not it.  Normally a breakfast tray is set for one person, not two.  This is an attempt to squeeze as many dishes as possible onto a rickety IKEA tray that I've had since my first New York City apartment (dressed up with a linen dish cloth).  To save space but keep things pretty I put a single rose into an old bottle that once contained Hudson Valley Whiskey.  I am in love with these roses that I bought at Adore on Lafayette Street.  They died on the fifth day, which isn't so great, but each day before that they got more and more beautiful.  And I love the color - an antiqued yellow.  Perfect for an otherwise very grey weekend.

If you're looking to make your own breakfast in bed this weekend, give this English Scramble a whirl.  Here's the backstory: when I was in highschool I worked at an adorable little restaurant next to the train station in town with maybe 20 seats in it.  It was one of two restaurants in Redding and people loved it.  The best part is that the chef and I adored each other, and he would make me snacks whenever I asked.  One of my favorite items on the menu was the English Scramble.  But as delicious as it was, I could never decide between the eggs, the waffle (with fresh whipped cream!) and the pancakes (banana & chocolate chip!), so sometimes he would make me a little of each.  Oh, to be young(er)!

English Scramble:

6 eggs (serves 2)
1 cup grated sharp cheddar (I use Cabbott seriously-sharp)
1/2 bunch scallions, finely chopped
2 tablespoons whole milk
1 tablespoon butter
Salt & Pepper

Whisk eggs in mixing bowl with milk.  Heat butter in skillet on medium low heat.  Pour egg mixture into skillet and let set briefly.  Scrape/stir eggs with wooden spatula (the key is to scramble the eggs slowly so they stay very fluffy and the cheese, once added, melts fully).  Add grated cheese and stir into egg mixture, always scraping the bottom to incorporate the cooked egg into the raw egg.  As eggs begin to thicken into the scramble, add the scallions.  They will wilt into the warm eggs.  Stir/scrape until desired doneness is achieved.  I like them just as the liquid is gone but before the eggs get dry.  Enjoy!

Tomatoes Provencal the easy way:

Normally tomatoes provencal are baked, often with a bread stuffing.  If you're feeling lazy or are in a rush, this easy version is a great way to add a tasty touch of color to your breakfast plate:

Slice tomatoes.  Season with salt, pepper and herbs de provence.  Add a touch of olive oil to each tomato.  If desired, stick tomatoes under the broiler on a sheet of aluminum foil for a minute or two.