Cinnamon & Spice


In this weather, the best relief is walking in from the frigid cold into your warm, bright home.  Feeling cozy already?  Well what if that warm, bright home also smells sweetly of oranges and cinnamon.  Hm?  When we first moved in together Peter taught me a trick he'd learned from his Russian mother to keep the apartment always smelling sweet.  It's easy as pie and costs way, way less than those Diptyque candles we're all obsessed with.

Fill a small sauce pot (we use this All-Clad 1.5 qt stainless version) with 4-5 small cinammon sticks and the peel of 1 large orange (or 2-3 clementines). Fill the sauce pot with water about halfway.  Turn burner on on low and leave it running all day.  Periodically add more water and the skins of any oranges you eat.  If you hear the water bubbling it means the water is mostly evaporated.  Add more.   You don't need to change the pot for 3-4 days and it will smell better and better the longer you run the pot.  It goes without saying that you should be careful to turn off the pot if you leave and when you go to sleep.

The cinnamon you see above was purchased at Whole Foods from the spice section; they come in standard size spice jars.  However, if you happen to be at Fairway or Dean & Deluca you should be able to find large-sized loose cinnamon.  Buy a bundle, they'll last forever for this purpose.  If they are too large for the pot, simply break in half.

Your visitors will love you and so will your live-in loved ones.  Happy snuggling!



PS - Even Rosie loves the smell!