Fit for a Frame


When we were married last year we fell in love with our calligrapher, Emily Snyder of Queen Quills, and enlisted her in our wedding decor in any way we could think of.  She calligraphed our wedding envelopes and wrote each guest's name on his or her menu, which served as a placecard.  She created a file of her handwriting that we used as our wedding program inserts and another for our reserved signs.  She calligraphed the table numbers.  She calligraphed signs for the bar and the dessert trays with little sayings like, "All You Need Is Love...and a drink!" or "Love is Sweet."  But our very favorite piece was this seating chart, inspired by an old map.  We loved the idea that we would have a framed piece of 'art' for a museum wedding, and it is such a wonderful token to have afterwards.  It hangs in our office area and it's a perfect snapshot of who were were on that day: who our friends were, what their names were then (a few of the girls since been updated to married names, and more will follow!) and which family members were able to join us.  It's a happy reminder of the people who shared our wedding day with us.

Of course, inking your seating chart has its own difficulties.  It can't be done until the R.s.v.p.'s are settled and the headcount is final.  And if you happen to have an uninvited guest attend your wedding it's a little tricky because it's obvious that the guest wasn't planned for (this actually happens frequently and it did happen at ours!).  In that event, just instruct the caterer to lead the unplanned for guest directly to his or her seat to minimize awkwardness and go out of your way to make the guest feel welcome.

As you are planning your upcoming nuptials, why not dispense with the table of escort cards?  It's hard to make them feel unique and it takes up quite a bit of room.  Ask your calligrapher to map out your own wedding chart for the ultimate wedding day keepsake.

Frame by Mascot Studios, 328 East 9th Street, 212-228-9090