Happy Birthday, Rosie!

Alright, admit it.  Rosie is the cutest dog in New York City.  (And if not, keep quiet - we must tell her that twice a day.)  Today, she is one year old!  So on Sunday we celebrated with a puppy party.  We invited her best friends from the block and she was a party. animal.  Literally!  She even threw up at 4am like any respectable birthday girl.  (It wasn't her fault, everyone brought her treats and I just couldnt say no.)

We ordered a special cake just for Rosie from our favorite new doggy bakery, Po's Bag of Bones Bakery, which specializes in homemade doggy treats.  The treats are so delicious that the owner Lauren has very special taste testers: her kids!  We also ordered dog cookies for our canine guests and sent them home with special Po's goodie bags wrapped in Rose print paper from Snow & Graham.

Our guests of the human variety snacked on ham and turkey sandwiches with our favorite cheddar cheese and carrot cake cupcakes.  Our favorite guest was little Calliope, our five month old baby friend who wanted so badly to hang with the doggy crowd that she showed up in a puppy costume.

Happy Birthday Rosie, we love you!


Rosie's birthday cake from Po's

Our favorite birthday guest!  Hi Calliope!  Arf! Arf!

Rosie's goodie bags

An indoor french picnic - Rosie is tres chic.

Paper goods from Cynthia Rowley Curious

Treats for our doggy friends from Po's!