Happy Weekend!

The table is set!  Ready for tonight's birthday party for a true-blue friend

Today has felt somewhat like a holiday.  Jack's two month doctor's visit was this morning so we had Peter all to ourselves for an hour before he headed off to work.  I was able to drag him for my morning 'appointment' at Lafayette, where we ate carrot muffins and fruit salad and sipped a cup of coffee (or three).  The staff was tickled to see my other half, after seeing me & Jack so often as to be mistaken for permanent fixtures, and I was tickled to introduce them.  Our doctor's visit was exciting, too: I'm proud to report that Jack is now 23.5 inches and 13.1 lbs.  He is a very healthy, growing baby.  

And now I am in fall heaven!  I stopped by Dean & Deluca this morning to pick up ingredients for my favorite lamb tagine recipe.  I've been slow cooking the tagine all afternoon and the apartment smells like cold weather.  The Charlie Parker radio station on Spotify helps, too.  We're celebrating the birthday of one of my truest-bluest friends this evening, and so I set the table with homemade birthday hats.  Truth be told: I'm dying to crack open that bottle of red wine.

I hope you are all enjoying the happy onset of sweater weather and finding a way to cozy up this weekend.