Our two friends recently moved in together on the Upper West Side.  Their apartment is just two blocks from the park and is a proper one bedroom with a full sized stove and granite countertops.  Try not to be too jealous!  They invited us with some other close friends and family to celebrate the occasion.  A housewarming party is typical in any city or town but it has a special life in New York where we walk through the streets constantly glancing up at high-rise windows wondering which apartments have a bath-and-a-half, an extra bedroom, a pantry or (gasp!) a washing machine and dryer.  It's the voyeur in all of us and a fantasy bred by limited square footage.

A housewarming gift is a token to help a couple get settled into their new home.  We like to give little luxuries that a couple might not buy for themselves when they are pooling their resources for bigger ticket items like a dining room table, an upholstered headboard or a sofa.  Linen cocktail napkins are a great option, as is a pair of wine glasses or a decorative serving bowl.  On this occasion we stopped by John Derian which is the perfect place for luxe knick-knacks.  Just visiting the store is a treat because it feels like a comfortable home and there are lots of items to oogle at.  We chose mismatching coasters with a clean, vintage feel.  It turns out they already had a John Derian wine coaster in a third variation, so it made for the perfect set!

Although a housewarming gift is obviously meant for the couple, it is most proper to address your note and the gift to the lady.

Happy housewarming!  Go sneak a peek at some great apartments!