The Icing on the Cake

Tomorrow is Rosie's first birthday, so we celebrated yesterday with all of her dog friends.  There were dog treats aplenty, but I made sure to have some people treats on hand, too.  I made Ina Garten's carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and they were a huge hit.  I baked the cupcakes the evening before, but I made the frosting and frosted all of the cupcakes in less than a half hour right before everyone arrived, so I promise, it's easy!

To make your cupcake frosting pretty, invest in a silicone pastry bag with plastic attachments.  These cupcakes were frosted with the plain circle attachment.  I also like the look of the 'star' attachment (which looks jagged on top) - it would give you ridges in your frosting swirl.

Here's how to frost your cupcakes:


1.  Fill your pastry bag with frosting.  You want to avoid air bubbles so the frosting comes out smooth, without any gaps.


2. Start on the outside of the cupcake.  You'll need to apply more pressure than you expect to keep the frosting in a full, constant line.

3.  Trace the outside of the cupcake (keep the pressure on!)


4.  Finish your swirl and pause at the top.  Squeeze a little extra frosting out to make the tip of your swirl.


6. Voila!