It's a Boy! (And everyone knew but Elissa)

Typically a 'gender reveal' party is a collaboration between a couple's doctor and one of their close friends who conspire to reveal the sex of the couple's baby in a dramatic fashion.  Think: boxes of pink or blue balloons!  Cake with pink or blue frosting in the center!  As sweet as it is to celebrate a new pregnancy, I just can't.  I really can't.  I've known this baby was a boy since the moment I found out I was pregnant and as much as I love a good celebration, I'm not one to make a fuss about myself.  Knowing this, my best friend Elissa started pleading her case early for a grand reveal.  I said no to learning the sex of the baby in front of other people.  But.  I did throw a gender reveal party. reveal the sex of the baby to Elissa.

Five girls came over for tea and all of us knew the baby was a boy, except Elissa.  She texted me that morning at 6:35 am to tell me it felt like Christmas morning.  In fairness, she'd just returned from a two week stint in Milan and Paris, so I'm guessing she was still on European time.  I ordered Blue Velvet cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake and set them out with freshly brewed loose leaf tea and an assortment of scones from Alice's Tea Cup (a gift from Lauren, an upper west sider).  I realized when I opened the box of cupcakes that the 'blue' wasn't really well hidden at all, so my plans for Elissa to bite into the cupcake for her gender surprise were a bit dashed.  But we improvised with a sleeping mask turned blindfold.  She was so surprised and so happy that we both laughed and cried at the same time.  It wasn't a gender reveal party in the traditional sense, but it was a moment of pure love for the little gentleman we don't yet know but already cherish, and a reminder that his family will extend far wider than Peter or me.



Just before the big reveal!

Georgetown Blue Velvet cupcakes!  The blue wasn't so discrete, but they were delicious!  GC requires a minimum of three dozen cupcakes for special orders.  A lot for 5 girls!  Leftovers were donated to Catholic Worker at 36 East First Street (knock on the right hand door to bring by donations or gifts that may be helpful to the homeless).

Dean & Deluca exotic blend loose leaf chammomile tea was delicious with milk, raw honey, and a banana nutella scone to dunk!

Elissa!  So fabulous.  And ready to be the best Auntie E in history.