Supper on Bond St.

I met Lauren in our first few days of lawschool.  We were 21 and I didn't know anything about cooking.  She always carried healthy snacks with her and she seemed so grown up and she was just so smart that I wanted to murder her.  Instead, we became best friends.  NoteCan you believe they let twenty-one-year-olds into law school?  Now her job keeps her so busy that she doesn't often have time to make homemade meals (although when she does, hope very much that she invites you over), and I'm the one carrying healthy snacks and making pasta sauce from scratch on weeknights.

When I spotted this Inside-Out Eggplant Parmesan recipe from Gourmet, I asked Lauren if she'd come over and help me cook.  We started off our evening with a class at Soulcycle and then made our way to Dean & Deluca, where we picked up tons of amazing ingredients and delicious appetizers.

As we chopped onions, herbs and crushed garlic, we snacked on Humboldt Fog and a creamy Tallegio paired with proscuitto and Pain de Campagne.

Lauren put her Italian heritage to good use and made the pasta sauce while I roasted the eggplant and flash sauteed the argulua and basil (a really delicious aspect of the dish!).  We made the breadcrumb cakes together (the 'fried' part of the inside out Eggplant Parm - next time I'd make them very thin so they get a little crunchier).  Lauren assembled the little stacks of eggplant, sauce, cheese, breadcrumbs and greens beautifully, don't you think?

We baked them just until the cheese was in a perfect melt and then invited Peter to join us for dinner.

Rosie was dying for a bite!

There's nothing more fun than chatting and chopping with your girlfriend in the kitchen.  Making and eating dinner together is so much fun and turns a cozy Saturday night in into something really special.  Before Spring blossoms into lovely warm weather, invite one of your friends over and try this recipe or invent your own!