All in a Name

I'm not sure of the context of this stunning photo of Brigitte Bardot.  But for today I'll assume that a man as handsome as Ms. Bardot is beautiful has approached her to introduce himself.  In which case, Brigitte should respond by providing her first and last name.  Although it's many decades out of custom for men and women who are contemporaries to refer to each other by Mr. and Mrs., it's worth a reminder that it's exceedingly improper for a woman to introduce herself as "Mrs. Taylor" or a man to introduce himself as "Mr. Taylor".  However, it's in excellent taste for third person to introduce the Taylors to another as Mr. and Mrs.

I get outrageously tripped up by this rule.  I go by Annie Dean, my maiden name (my name!), in almost every avenue in life.  But when I'm being introduced socially alongside my husband, I tend to use my married name in deference to Peter.  I went through a wonderously excruciating court process to add my married name as a second last name so that I would feel comfortable using them interchangeably.  But modern living has its price.  And that price is a whole lot of confusion.  I tend to make reservations under Peter's name, but by the time we get to dinner a week later, I've forgotten which name I used (his is so difficult to spell over the phone).  And when I stick out my hand to introduce myself I often get so overwhelmed that I just give my first name, and then introduce Peter by his full name as my husband.  Are you as exhausted as I am?  This is only going to become more complicated when the baby arrives (the main reason I added Peter's name was so that I'd legally share a last name with my children).

So married women - what are you introducing yourself as these days!  Are you abandoning etiquette and sticking with first name only?  Have you embraced your husband's name completely?  Rejected it completely?  Or are you, like me, balancing between a pair of alter egos?