The Art of Saying Good-bye


Sometimes the Art of Saying Good-bye is simple enough.  At a small dinner party or luncheon, be a dear and say good-bye to all the guests in attendance (with special thanks to your host(s)).  But at a big party, it's only necessary to say good-bye to the host(s) of the event and to those with whom you've been chatting.  And of course, it's sweeter to say "good-bye" and "hope to see you again soon!" rather than just simply "good-bye," which might seem a bit curt.  

But sometimes the Art of Saying Good-bye can be quite tricky!  Did you know that when a man and a woman are together, the woman should always make the first move toward departure?  I didn't, when it mattered.  But I thought it'd be fun to bring up right before Valentine's Day, when many women in New York are off to prix fixe dinners (why do restuarants do this to us!!) with their new beaus, absolutely tickled at the invitation but also filled with dread from anxiety.  I was always nervous to say goodbye to a date.  I didn't want to seem rude or give the impression that I didn't have fun.  Sometimes I just plain didn't want to leave!  I would have found it such a relief to know that it's perfectly normal for a gal to say thank you and goodnight when she starts to get tired or when it starts to get irretrievably late (a time with which I was once well-acquainted).

What do you think, ladies?  Are you comfortable being the one to say goodbye at the end of the night?  Do you think it's empowering that the good-bye is up to you?  Or the opposite?  I'd love to hear!

Wishing you all many nights that you don't want to end!




PS - This photo is from my favorite old movie, To Catch a Thief.  Grace Kelly, the owner of an absurdly beautiful collection of diamonds and jewels (and dresses. and scarves. and hairdos.), falls in love with Cary Grant, a retired cat-burglar posing as an American industrialist.  Grace Kelly. Cary Grant. Made in 1955.  Need I say more?  I won't blame you if you fast forward straight to the end just to glimpse Grace in her famously stunning white gown and diamond necklace.  Sometimes I dream about that scene.  I wish I was joking.