Baby Shower Thank You Notes

You're pregnant.  You're nesting.  You have thousands of items to cross off the list, doctors appointments more often than you care for, and it's one hundred degrees to boot.  But that's no excuse to let your baby shower thank you notes fall by the wayside!  Like wedding thank you notes, these should be mailed within three weeks of the event.  Even if some gifts are received early, thank you notes should typically be sent following the shower rather than immediately following the receipt of the gift.  This way you can share a few tidbits about the shower with anyone who wasn't able to make it but was thoughtful enough to send along a gift in their absence as well as express your regret that a guest wasn't able to make it.  Some items to consider as you're penning your notes: although use of the baby's name in writing prior to his or her birth is up to the personal preference of the mom or dad, it's a bit of a faux pas.  And although it's tempting to send your thank you from the whole family, baby included, it's in the best taste to sign your notes just from mom and dad.  Strictly speaking: baby doesn't exist yet.  As with any thank you note, specifically mention and express thanks for the gift you've received.  It's also in good taste to thank each guest for her attendance, which is paramount to their delivery of a gift.

You may have guessed that I've been working on my own baby shower thank you notes this week!  They look darling - can't wait to share a photo of the stationery once they've been sent out and opened by all of my favorite gals.  


PS If you'll be planning an upcoming shower, these Mr. Boddington's invitations are divine.

PPS I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment with all things baby and frankly, the heat.  So I've missed a couple of posts in these past few weeks but don't despair!  We'll be back to a full five-day posting schedule asap. x.