On Being Seated with your Groom

The most basic rules to seating are:

1. Seating should always alternate male, female.

2. Couples should never be seated together.

But there's an exception to rule number 2, and an extra perk to the life of a bride & groom to-be.  Engaged couples are welcome to sit together at any event, from the most casual to the most formal. In fact, they should be seated together!  So brides and grooms, cozy up, enjoy the wine, and don't let anyone catch you sneaking bites off of each other's plates!

For the record, I don't think Sid & Nancy gave a f*ck where they sat (their words, not mine).  But in honor of the Metropolitan Museum's new exhibit: Punk, Chaos to Couture, they are getting a little play time today.


For a full seating recap, check out this post: http://anniedean.com/etiquette/finding-your-seat.

PS - We have a fun etiquette announcement coming today!  Stay tuned!