Best Wishes to the Bride

For reasons that are mostly arcane, one should never congratulate a bride on her engagement or her marriage.  Instead, offer your best wishes.  'Congratulations' has the improper implication that the bride has won something in snagging her groom and carries the unfortunate connotation that the bride is social climbing.  Silly, I know.  But still proper form.  Congratulations should be extended to the groom, because the groom has accomplished something specific in obtaining his bride's hand in marriage.  It's hard work, getting a gal to say yes!  Ask Peter, who didn't sleep for a week before he popped the question.

And while you're showering your gal pals with your best wishes, you may want to wish for this Couture Elie Saab gown, too.  (Although her priest might request a slip under all of that gorgeous, hand-made lace).

Today is beautiful, isn't it?  I'm going to sneak outside and read all day.  Shh.