A Gentleman's Guide

When a man acts respectfully to a woman (without being overbearingly polite), he seems more of a man, no?  Here are those steadfast rules of male politeness that if executed, will make any gent look 100 times more polished.

Holding the Door
A man opens a door and holds it, or gives a revolving door a push to start it and waits for the woman to pass through.

A man rises when a woman enters the room (this includes when she returns from the ladies room at dinner) or when she rises and does not sit until the woman sits (or until she leaves the dinner table or the room, whatever pays respect without being awkward).

Walking Single File or Down Stairs
When there is only room to walk single file, a man should always allow a woman to precede him.  However if there is some benefit to the man going first (i.e. the man and woman are walking through a crowded train and it would be necessary to open heavy doors), the man should go first.  A man always walks down stairs first, in case the woman should trip and fall (so he'll be there to catch her).

Coats and Seating
A man helps a woman take her coat on and off.  Helps a woman into her seat at a restaurant.  Gives an older or pregnant woman his seat on public transportation (he may also give his seat to a woman who is his contemporary, but this is no longer a required behavior).

Walking on the Street
A man walks on the traffic side of the street and carries heavy parcels (luggage) only.  It's sweet for him to carry anything else, but not necessary.

Entering a Taxi or Automobile
A man enters a taxi or automobile first so that the woman doesn't have to scoot along the seat.

Cheers to men as dashing (and dashingly polite!) as Clark Gable!