Gifting Knives



I was reminded this week about an old wives' superstition that accompanies the etiquette of gifting a knife or knife set, particularly to a bride and groom.  Knives are some of the very best wedding gifts to get and to give.  They will last decades, they make cooking infinitely easier (especially for someone who is just learning), and at roughly $130.00 per knife, they are affordable for a wedding guest to gift but not necessarily for a bride to purchase for herself.  

The superstition has it that gifting a knife to another will sever the relationship.  In order to make sure that the relationship stays intact, include a penny (or a couple!) with your gift.  The recipient should then send you back the penny as 'payment' so that the knife has been 'sold' rather than given.  No harm to the relationship, and the bride gets a handy gift that will satisfy that domestic impulse to "chop, chop" things for her new husband (or was that just me?).

These are my favorite knives.