House Rules

The Colony Club and the Racquet and Tennis Club, both designed by McKim, Mead & White in the early 20th century.

If you're a member at a members-only club in New York City or elsewhere, you already know the House Rules.  But if you'll be a guest of a member at a private club this summer, there are some oft-forgotten rules that you'd do well to abide by. 

When being hosted at a private club, one should conduct herself as if she were in the home of her host or hostess.  A guest should never make suggestions about entertainment or meals and should never make any requests of the staff, unless directed to do so by her host.  A guest should never wander around the club as there are may well be rooms that are off limits to non-members.  And just as you'd never make a complaint about a meal or accomodations while in the home of another, you are not entitled to make a complaint of any sort while being hosted in a club.

So throw on your Chanel tweed suit and your best manners and hope for an invitation this summer to view some of the City's best architecture from the inside.