How to Eat Ice Cream

Chocolate, Pistachio & Strawberry from Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream 

Ice Cream: I'm screaming, you're screaming.  ...Put down the spoon and nobody gets hurt.

Here's the thing.  Despite those heinous wooden spoons that have been forced upon you since you were old enough to recognize the sound of the ice cream truck, eating ice cream with a spoon isn't really the proper way.  Ignore the perplexed look on your waiter's face when you ask for a fork and delve into the world's most perfect dessert with four tines.  It's much more fun, in my opinion.  You can take smaller bites, having the effect of making the whole experience last longer.  And you can perfect the ratio of ice cream to hot fudge in each bite.  

I was relieved to know that the whole ice-cream-with-a-fork thing is actually a rule of etiquette, rather than a peculiar habit I've been carrying around since childhood.  It makes more sense to me now that I waged a war against those disgusting wooden spoons in our highschool cafeteria.  The lunch monitors were always exasperated to find that while I paid for my lunch, I also dumped the entire container of wooden spoons into the trash.  "I'm a humanitarian," I explained.  ...I don't think they quite bought it.

For those of you city dwellers who haven't been to Van Leeuwen's darling brick & mortar shop at 48 East 7th street, you must.  It's so sweet that it makes ice cream feel just right, even in cold weather.