It's All in the Return Address

I'll tell you: there is nothing quite like receiving mail from The White House.  When we discovered it, a piece of treasure amid other lovely holiday cards and a pile of bills, I squealed.  

'Jack!  Jack!  The President sent you a letter!'

...He didn't quite understand.  But Peter and I made a ritual of opening it.  We slid our sharpest knife along the folded top and carefully pulled out the contents.  It was a pre-printed card welcoming Jack to the world and wishing him a bright future with a computerized signature from Mr. and Mrs. Obama.  And it still felt like treasure!

I commend the White House volunteer who wrote out this envelope to Jack, using his full name, for her form.  The format she chose, using his full name and listing the apartment number above the address, is the most formal and in the best taste.

I might need to move down to D.C. as an old lady.


PS - Sadly, this wasn't out of the blue.  For those of you who don't remember, I wrote the White House informing Mr. Obama of Jack's birth in August. Jack and BO share a birthday!