Money Can't Buy You Class, etc.

Money Can't Buy You Class

Alright gals, here's the truth: despite how commonly it appears, well, everywhere, classy just isn't a great word.  It's ok if you slip up from time to time.  But red flags will be raised if you use it to describe yourself or particularly if you use it to describe someone else in their presence.  As in, "you're so classy."  But note well: classy can be used unabashedly if you're using it with irony.  As in, "Why's everyone so upset with Miley's twerking?  She's so classy."

For the full run down on 'classy', check out my latest piece for Town & Country: Shake That Class.

Tie Him Up

I can't tell you how many events and weddings I've been to where most of the gents are sporting either lopsided or pre-tied bowties.  The former is sloppy, the latter is a sorry second best.  If your man's knowledge of ties stops at the windsor, step in and tie his bow tie.  You never know when it'll come in handy: I once boasted to an exceptionally chic older man that all women should know how to tie a bow tie.  He looked me dead in the eye, untied his neck tie and put me to work.  My bow tie was flawless and we've been friends ever since.  So don't head into gala season without checking out this bow tie tutorial post on Style Me Pretty!