Mr. & Mrs.

Aren't these divine?  Emily Snyder of Queen Quills is an amazing calligrapher who will lend your wedding or event some of her excellent taste

Ladies and Gents: there's a common usage problem out there that I think it's time we address.  It's quite a mess these days, I'll admit, to know exactly how to address a woman with an honorific.  Is she a Miss?  A Ms.?  A Mrs.?  

An unmarried woman is a Miss.  Miss Jane Longfellow

A married woman who keeps her maiden name is Ms. Ms. Jane Longfellow

A married woman who takes her husband's name or who uses her husband's name socially is Mrs.  Mrs. John Parker

A widowed woman is a Mrs. Mrs. John Parker 

You'll note that when the 'Mrs.' honorific is used, it is always used with the husband's name.  Never with the woman's name.  A woman is not ever Mrs. Jane Parker.  She is Ms. Jane Parker or Mrs. John Parker.  If they're the traditional sort, send your wedding invitation to Mr. and Mrs. John Parker and escort them to dinner with place cards that read Mr. John Parker and Mrs. John Parker.

And there you have it!