The Paper Anniversary

Did you know that each anniversary has a special gift associated with it?  Here they are:


My grandmother told me this weekend that on her first anniversary her mother and her mother-in-law teamed up and sent her and my grandfather a huge carton of toilet paper!  Peter and I decided to interpret the "Paper Anniversary" a bit differently.  We wrote each other love letters (as we are apt to do and to save!) on our personal stationery and paid for our anniversary dinner at Daniel in cash.  It's not everyday that Peter walks around with a money clip full of hundreds!  Each time I look at this list of anniversary presents I tell Peter that we're making it to 75 years or bust.  I want two rounds of diamonds!  Some of the other gifts seem so odd.  Paper I understand, because a couple celebrating their first anniversary might still be in their first adult stage, without much more to spare than a love note.  And cotton in a couple's second year seems resolutely practical.  I'm sure I can plant Peter with plenty of ideas for the third (Giuseppe Zanotti?), fourth (Hermes?) and fifth (mid-century furniture?).  But iron?  Bronze?  And is it just me or does ten years warrant a touch more than tin?

How many of you out there have stayed true to the traditional wedding anniversary gifts?  I think it's a fun custom!  And FYI - if you are a guest at a wedding anniversary party at sometime in the future, you are under no obligation to bring a gift.  But if you choose to bring one it should traditionally match up with this list.