Thank You Notes


Christmas came and went more than a week ago and many of us New Yorkers are trying to find a place in our homes for our happy new gifts, much less getting organized enough to find time to send thank-you notes.  But time is of the essence!  Thank-yous must be dispatched three weeks after the receipt of a gift.  Please remember that it is considered quite ghastly to send a generic thank-you card for a personal gift.  It's much better to send a personalized thank-you letter, an example of which is printed below.


Dear Mrs. Hatch,

     Thank you so much for the lovely vase you and Mr. Hatch sent us.  
It was so kind of you to think of us.  Blue has always been my favorite
color and the vase is sure to compliment every type of flower.

     I heard from Mrs. Carroll that you and Mr. Hatch will be visiting New
York from Boston this spring.  Won't you send me the dates so that we
can all meet!




It's always best to have a supply of Crane Kid Finish response cards in Pearl or Ecruwhite and to order a set of handsome postal stamps in advance.  Of course, you can always use your house stationery.  But if you're looking to expand your selection of correspondence, Mr. Boddington's Studio makes bundles of hand-printed options that are a joy to both send and receive.  The image above is from various sets of Mr. Boddington's social stationery, some with a hand-painted edge.  They are available for purchase here.



Post Script - We will be featuring an etiquette quandry each Wednesday.  Please do check back!  If you have etiquette enquiries of any sort, please send an email to and we will resolve it for you and possibly feature it in our Wednesday column! 

Images courtesy of Mr. Boddington's Studio