A shot of the glamorous first couple in March, 1963 (eight months prior to the President's assasination)

If you asked practically anyone what their favorite year is, they'd look at you with a blank stare, maybe searching for a year in their own life that was particularly special.

Not me.

I'm in love with 1963.

To me, 1963 was the height of the gorgeous, well-mannered sixities.  It had rock and roll and the Civil Rights Movement.  

It unfortunately was also, in 1963, that the fourth incumbent President was assassinated.  President Kennedy was killed today, fifty years ago.

President Kennedy is maybe the American Icon.  I'm still inspired by him.  

For an interesting source of information today, follow @todayin1963, NPR's twitter recap of the events.

For a nice photo retrospective of JFK, check out this washington post article.

For a beautiful love letter to 1962, directed by Tom Ford, check out my favorite movie A Single Man.