Jiabei Chen and Yun Ah Lee left their jobs in law and investment banking to start a beautiful lingerie line that celebrates women.  Ampere uses a unique sizing metric to ensure a bra that really, truly fits.  Items are available online; on delivery you will receive your choice size as well as additional sizes hand selected by the gals at ampere.  Return sizes that don't fit for free.  Ampere also partners with Free the Girls, a nonprofit organization that donates gently used lingerie to women rescued from human trafficking.  A great product with a conscience.  I love it.

I was thrilled to sit down with Jiabei and Yun Ah to get the skinny on their beautiful brand and to hear about their new kickstarter campaign.

Tell me about your life before Ampere and what inspired the brand.


We launched Ampere because we believe that lingerie has the power to make women feel beautiful and confident. Yet finding the perfect bra was a major source of frustration for both of us. We could never find items we loved in our size and found the lingerie shopping experience to be invasive. We knew we weren't alone and saw the opportunity to improve the lives of millions of women.


Jiabei was a former M&A lawyer and Yun Ah worked in private equity and investment banking. While we both learned a ton from our experiences in the corporate world. We found that nothing was more fulfilling than being entrepreneurs and impacting the daily lives of so many women.


What are some tips about sizing that the average lingerie shopper doesn't know?  Describe Ampere's unique sizing.


We've designed our luxurious lingerie in 28 sizes - more than double the number of sizes most brands produce. We use a sizing convention that is based in centimeters for smaller, incremental changes in each bra. This allows for more women to find their size because we are altering our bands, straps, and cups by smaller increments. What most women don’t know is that most manufacturers of lingerie produce 10 - 14 sizes and encourage women to wear the sizes that they produce, not their correct size, that is why 80% of American women are wearing the wrong bra size!


Describe the materials used in the Ampere line and your tips on how to launder Ampere pieces.


Ampere uses the most hiqh quality, luxurious materials when manufacturing our products. All of our laces is sourced in New York city and some are American-made Leaver’s lace. All of our bras are lined with 100% silk, providing a comfortable yet luxurious finish to our bras. The best way to clean and maintain your Ampere lingerie is the hand wash them in cold water, using a gentle soap, and then hang drying them. You could also dryclean all of your pieces.


What are the three bras every woman should have in her lingerie drawer?


Every woman should own one of Ampere’s black bras. They are sleek, sexy and luxurious. Finally, they should purchase our two new upcoming pieces - the silk t-shirt bra and the perfect strapless bra. We are launching a kickstarter campaign to help fund our second collection! Our 100% silk t-shirt bra will be made using the same high quality fabrics and construction as our first collection and our strapless bra will be beautiful and supportive, it won’t ever slide down.

Ladies, the single most important style lesson I've learned in the last five years is: buy and wear high quality materials that fit.  Ampere is a home run.  Check out their website and consider donating to their kickstarter campaign!