Happy Friday, dear readers!  Today I'm doing you a very special favor: sharing with you one of my very favorite online retailers AND their massive, massive homewares sale.  Antiquaria is a beautiful website, online magazine and online retailer specializing in custom and semi-custom stationery and paper goods.  They were formerly one of my very favorite places on the internet to locate beautiful vintage china and homewares.  Due to the exciting growth of other sectors of their business (keep their website on your radar for exciting announcements) they are discontinuing the vintage homewares aspect of their business.  Initially, this made me sad to hear.  And then I realized that I could purchase all of those items I'd been lusting after for 75% off.  75% off, people!  I already placed a large order this week and I dare you to look at their site and not do the same.

Antiquaria will continue to be one of the most beautiful spots on the internet, run by two of the chicest girls out there, Bailey & Emma.  Make sure you subscribe to their online magazine.  Your life will feel instantly more beautiful.

Click here to access the sale.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!