Au Lait

When Jack was first born I tried desperately to get the hang of breast feeding.  It was August in New York.  I was constantly sweating.  For days I was perpetually on the verge of tears but chirping at Jack through a determined smile.  It wasn't long before we ended up in the pediatrician's office with a case of dehydration and a couple of panic striken parents.  Things got easier after that.  But during my struggles I read online forum after online forum about the "magic" and "joy" of breastfeeding.  "I'll never have magic!," I thought.  "I'll never have joy!"

Jack recently started sleeping through the night, which means an earlyish bedtime and just a single 5am feeding.  We wake up in tandem now and the other night I heard him sucking his thumb trying to comfort himself and not yet crying.  When I reached into his bassinet to feed him he gave me a big, toothless smile and I felt the magic.  And a sleepy joy.  And I realized that the women writing those damn online forums were probably reflecting on breastfeeding.  Joy comes over time.

My point is, breast feeding mamas, especially new breast feeding mamas, need all of the help they can get.  They are tired.  They are starving.  They are stressed about how they will ever feed their baby every three hours in their loft apartment with no source of privacy and a near constant stream of visitors. 

Here's how: Au Lait is a clothing line for breastfeeding mothers conceived by new mama, Emily Hsu.  The items are inspired by contemporary classics and they are machine washable.  Each of them has an ingenious privacy panel that allows you to breast feed your baby under cover without sacrificing style or comfort.  

I love this black silk tank for a night out.  I can feed Jack right before we leave right in front of the babysitter without having to change my clothes or expose myself.  And the day and night sweatshirt is a daytime staple and also a comfortable, convenient nighttime option.  Your baby fits through the front panel so you'll take comfort in knowing that if you fall asleep during a late night feed, your baby will be safe & snug inside the sweatshirt pocket.  (Of course, you're better off trying to stay awake, but this is a great backup!)  Getting dressed as a new nursing mother really is tough stuff.  I love what Emily is doing with her new line and I'm thrilled to have a couple of Au Lait pieces in my closet.

Check out Au Lait's website & shop the collection.