Baby Body Recovery: Blackthorn Oil

Everyone's body needs a little help bouncing back from pregnancy.  Theoretically, this includes working out.  I'm not quite there yet, although I did make it to soulcycle for the first time since Jack was born last week.  That class is so much easier without a baby in your belly.  In the meantime I'm taking care of myself with healthy foods and Blackthorn Body Oil from Dr. Hauschka.  You think your body is done changing when the baby arrives, but breastfeeding moms will tell you otherwise.  The Blackthorn Body Oil smells earthy and delicious and feels like such a luxury after the shower.  I keep it by the bed on a china plate so that it feels like a treat, not a chore.  The oil itself is really wonderful but my favorite part of the product is its pump dispenser.  I have tried all sorts of body oils since I became pregnant a year ago.  Most of them have pour tops that drip everywhere and dispense too much, too quickly.  The Dr. Hauschka body oil is clean & easy; it squirts right into your hand, no dripping.