A Baby on Bond Street

Peter and I are thrilled to tell you that we'll be adding a baby boy to our little family on Bond Street this summer.  The little one, who is just a smidge bigger than six ounces and has already charmed us with his wiggling arms and legs during ultrasounds, is expected on Peter's birthday of this year: August 7, 2013.  

On December 8th, 2012 we were invited to our neighbors' house to celebrate their son Charlie's second birthday.  We were a bit late so by the time we arrived their apartment was already engulfed in the happy chaos of excited toddlers.  Immeditely I looked at Pete and said, "Peter, I'm pregnant."

I have NO idea how my body knew.  We'd always wanted a young family and we wanted our first child to come along on its own course, but I had no reason to think I was pregnant.  Peter laughed and said I was crazy.  But I was sure.  And sure enough I woke up that night at 2am and got sick for the only time during my pregnancy so far.  Once my body knew, the jig was up!

Now here we are, four and a half months along in an awe-inspiring process.  My belly is starting to take on a life of its own and I've been brainstorming wildly about how to get myself dressed, how we'll transform our office nook into a newborn abode, how I'll get a stroller down the front stoop, and other bits of paranoia from an excited and terrified newly pregnant woman.  I haven't had a stitch of morning sickness or discomfort and I am beaming with protective joy for the little being whose heart beats inside me.

I have a LOT to learn.  And I'm so excited to be able to share it with you.


Peter, Annie, Rosie & Baby