A Baby Nook to Be

Now that I am suddenly outrageously pregnant (30 weeks yesterday!) it's time to start gathering what we need for the baby's arrival.  Yesterday, after more drama than is remotely reasonable, we ordered our special edition bugaboo.  Evidently it was the last bugaboo in this color available on earth.  

I digress.

Being that we are manhattanites, we have essentially no room for our new baby.  But we have plans to fit out our former office nook into the chicest little baby nook that a native New Yorker (yes! he'll be native!) could ask for.  True, he'll have a mini crib.  But European sizing is so in these days, non?  The bookshelves will be removed and the books will be moved into storage.  His mini crib will fit along the back wall against a wallpaper backdrop.  We've ordered a painting of a whale to watch over him.  Storage?  Well, that will present an interesting problem.  But as I always say, there's no problem without a creative solution.  Although 'creative' in this case might mean that his clothes live in a basket on the fire escape.  

But big or small, space or no space, we are so excited to meet this little man!  It feels like it's all just around the corner.