Baby Toes

Peter went back to work today and so me and baby Jack are getting used to our new routine.  We already love Jack so dearly and our first week as a new family was jam packed with ups (he smiles! he looks just like Pete in the eyes! he loves to hold hands!) and downs (he screamed for 24 hours on day 4 because we had trouble breast feeding (turns out I just needed to relax!). it started pouring on the way home from the pediatrician. we were exhausted.).  But it is sure to be one of the most treasured weeks of my life.

Here are some early thoughts on motherhood:

Natural, unmedicated, childbirth is totally doable.  It was an amazing experience (both wonderful and terrifying) and the proudest moment of my life.  And Peter's.
Learning to care for a newborn is a lot easier and more natural than I expected.  Panic sets in occasionally (see: dehydration, above), but the rest falls quickly into place.
I am exhausted but not cranky.
Having someone stock your fridge and cook you some meals or bring you some food is so unbelievably helpful.  We are so focused on keeping things in order (feeding, sleeping, cleaning, laundry) that it can be a little difficult to take care of other basic things like feeding ourselves.
Its incredible how quickly and completely you fall in love with your baby.  It took me 4 days to even really look at anything else.

So if any of you out there are mommies to be: Struggling through the last months of your pregnancy.  Wondering whether if you're ever going to be a normal temperature again.  Wondering whether or not you're really going to be able to handle it when the baby comes.  Just remember: you will.  Be gentle with yourself and your self criticism.  Laugh at your mistakes.  Ask your friends for help.  And get excited.