Beach Babies

This past weekend we piled into the car for a trip out to East Hampton for a breath of fresh air.  We stayed at The Maidstone, a beautiful Swedish bed and breakfast with a delicious restaurant, colorful textiles, a roaring fireplace and an amazing dog policy.  Rosie could roam free, visit with other puppy guests and sit next to us during dinner.  She was even served her own bowl of chopped meatballs next to the fireplace.  Girl was in heaven.

Jack is so much fun these days.  Early on Saturday morning Jack, Rosie and I went downstairs for bagels and the New York Times (or if you're Jack, blueberries and Runaway Bunny).  We tried to give Pete a chance to sleep.  Two cups of coffee later, Pete made his way into the fray.  When Pete and I started giggling, Jack joined right in.  He loves to be part of the conversation these days.

After coffee we introduced Jack to the beach.  I told him what the ocean was and we took off one of his booties for a quick second so he could feel his toes in the sand.  Rosie darted around looking for seashells and chicken bones.  We piled back into the car for a little beach picnic with a view of the ocean.  Pete and I chowed down on chicken parm sandwiches from Villa Italian Specialties (right by the East Hampton train station).


March is a tough month.  I'm impatiently waiting for Winter to melt into Spring.  I ready for the beach without duck boots!