Beach Ballet

This vacation Peter and I were lucky enough to be hosted for a luncheon at the home of Jerome Robbins, a now-deceased and legendary choreographer.  A wonderful Russian ballet master, Olga, made us the most amazing chicken soup and poached salmon and sprinkled us with ballet tips ("I don't care when a plane goes up in the air.  I want it to land.  In fifth position.")  For dessert we had an apricot tart from a local farm stand (in Bridgehampton) that I'm still dreaming about.  The beach outside of Mr. Robbins' home was beautiful and calm and before you could say "Smile!" Robbie and Tiler were airbound, pulling off lifts like this one. In jeans. In the sand.  I'm always in awe of Robbie and Tiler's talent, but I think it's even more impressive how much fun they have together.  If Pete tried to lift me like this, either Pete's arm would break or I would end up in traction.  Sigh.  Someday I'll be able to touch my toes!

PS - I had my first successful citibike commute yesterday!  I loved it!  It felt so much healthier and honestly slowly pedaling a bike is much easier for me these days than treking up and down the subway stairs.  I spent what must have been an hour this morning looking for a new route with the lightest possible traffic, so hopefully today is even better.  People are so funny about citibikes.  I asked a battery park local where exactly the docking station was and he took a few minutes to gripe to me about how awful the program is.  "They're clunky!" he said.  But who cares if they're clunky and a little slow?  I'm not racing anywhere! Although that thirty minute time limit is a bit of a bummer for slow pokes like me.