Beach Bumming

My toes are so depressed to be back in work shoes instead of in the sand, where they belong.  We had the nicest week out in the Hamptons.  Its so nice to go somewhere so close by and be able to ride bikes and sit in the sun and grill seafood and hunt for seashells.  After ten days, I finally went into the ocean yesterday.  It was finally warm enough to take the plunge (or I'd come to terms with an afternoon ice bath).  Rosie is the most contented little dog.  She has been sleeping like a log since we got home last night although she seemed disappointed to be sniffing around Bond Street instead of a backyard.

To ease myself back into real life (and to keep this pregnant bod in check) I'm going try commuting via Citi Bike this week.  I'll keep you posted on the experience.  Pete told me not to  ...which means I simply must.

Happy Monday, everyone!