Bellies on Bond

Every now and again our very favorite British expat, Richard Jopson, comes over to snap some photos.  Now that I'm in the land of very pregnant, we thought it'd be fun to get some shots of my belly so the baby has a few memories of his first home.  We wanted to find a way to record my belly without it being cheesy.  And so we thought a plain old belly shot in our pjs was comfortable and not phony.  I think we'll get one of these printed to hang in the baby nook.  So as to say: hey little you!  We loved you from the very beginning!

In other news, I realized this weekend that I still have nine weeks to get bigger.  And despite an active weekend full of tennis, beach jogs and bike rides, I had to take two breaks on my walk into work today.  A man with a not-sturdy umbrella took a moment to scream "what the f*ck!" at me for disrupting the flow of traffic.  I'd have been mad, but I was in the middle of saying the same thing to my right leg.  Thanks, sciatica!