Birthday Bites

This weekend Peter and I had the distinct pleasure of celebrating the birthday of a treasured out-of-town friend, the one and only Mrs. Sara Ressler, whose beautiful home was featured in this post.  I wanted to bring Sara a little birthday treat that would be distinctly New York, so I headed to the Patisserie at Lafayette for their well-loved macaroons.  I settled on a package of six. Two of each in three flavors: Caramel Salé, Birthday Cake, and Pistachio.  After our birthday celebration we took a little walk and I was thrilled that she was willing to share.  I tried a nibble of both the Caramel & the Birthday Cake flavors and they were heavenly.  I know macaroons are getting to be a craze around these parts, but Lafayette's version are worth it.  The cookie is soft and sweet and the filling is substantial and unnaturally delicious.  And isn't the confetti on the birthday cake cute?  Perfect for a mid-day celebration when candles and open flame might be impractical.

Great Jones & Lafayette Street
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