A Blizzard Brunch

Peter and I have been waiting all year for the real snow to hit.  There's nothing better on a winter night than watching snowflakes fall outside your window from the comfort of a warm home, in pajamas.  Friday night we lazed around, occasionally taking Rosie outside to get a first-hand status update on the accumulation and to teach the puppy what snow tastes like.  In the morning I took Rosie for a walk bright and early before anyone had time to shovel and she lept around from snow bank to snow bank without her leash, giving an exuberant hello to anyone else with the same plan (notably, a two year old boy from across the street).

At noon we braved the windy weather and walked to meet our friends Kendall, Wilson, Ravi and Lauren for brunch at Maysville, a new spot on 26th Street named after the birthplace of Bourbon (or, as Pete Wells tells it, the birthplace of Rosemary Clooney).  The restaurant was able to accomodate a reservation for six at 12:30 although I doubt it will stay that way for long, so book now!  The food was delicious.  We started with crab toast, roasted oysters and a round of bourbon bloody marys for the table.  Kendall and I shared the crispy grits (although we added an egg, which was essential) and the johnny cakes for a perfect savory/sweet combination.  The rest of the table seemed to favor the crispy grits (with an egg).  The ham that was served with that dish was really spectacular.

No one rushed us, which I always appreciate.  And we spent a few hours teasing each other over some excellent, belly-filling food, which is the perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday with snow on the ground.  Afterwards Peter and I strolled through Madison Square Park with Kendall and Wilson before I reconvened with Lauren for an afternoon soulcycle class (to help make room for dinner).

I hope you all spent your Saturdays as toasty warm and fabulously full as we did!


L.L. Bean Duck Boots were the accessory of choice

The Crab Toast was divine; the roasted oysters got mixed reviews although it may be worth it to order them just for the scent - they smell amazingly of camp fire.

The restaurant is bathed in sun with a roominess bred by very high ceilings.

Three pairs of Duck Boots in action!

My homeboy headed home.