Blue Jay Orchards

A Jack-nap while mom & dad snack on fresh picked apples

Fall is for changing leaves, chilly air, fine knits and apple picking.  Really.  Apple picking is a seasonal must.  As a belated birthday present Peter arranged for a zip car for a trip out to Blue Jay Orchards, the apple orchard in Connecticut that I've been visiting since I was very tiny.  We squeezed in a quick trip to my parents' house and to the annual church fair to discuss Jack's upcoming baptism.  Things being as they are: by the time we actually got to Blue Jay we were too tired to actually pick apples.  So instead we took a stroll down a shady orchard lane and cheated by collecting our apples from a pre-picked bin.  Peter couldn't stop talking about how much he loves McIntosh apples (they are the type New York Road Runners hands out at the end of the marathon/race events, so I think he associates them with a particular kind of happy relief).  And so we went home with a few dozen of them.  Apple pie to come!

The view from our resting spot


We picked apples!  ...from a bin.

An apple a day!


Jack & Mama


Blue-eyed Babe

Our family forager.


Blue Jay Orchards is in Bethel, CT and is roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes outside of the city.  Saturdays & Sundays have gotten very busy.  The best time to visit is during a week day, early on either Saturday or Sunday, or at the tail end of the season.  There aren't as many apples available in November but you'll still leave with plenty, the air will be perfect for a long walk, and there won't be so many people in your way.  If you do visit make sure to pick up (at least) a dozen apple cider donuts (more on that later)!