Brown Paper Packages, Tied up with String

This Christmas we asked our wedding photographer (the one and only Richard Jopson*) to print a handful of wedding photos to pass out as gifts to our family and friends.  Some of my very favorite photos are the ones we're not in.  My Great Aunt Jean recently celebrated her 90th birthday and we got such wonderful photos of her and her husband, who look as youthful as ever.  We got one of my very oldest friends dancing with her dad and another friend-forever giving her wedding speech.  Richard snagged one of our niece during the ceremony snuggling with her "iguana" (a stuffed crocodile) which is sweet beyond belief.  

There were so many photos to pass out that we decided not to use frames.  Instead, Peter sandwiched each set of photos with foam board with a piece of tissue paper for protection.  He noted the names of the people in each photo on the outside of the foam board (so as not to deliver the photos to the wrong person!).  Then I wrapped each package in brown craft paper, which we always have on hand for Christmas.  It is available at Staples or at most craft stores (Blick on Bond Street carries it).  The shipping labels are available at Stapes as well.  I loosely taped a shipping label to each package to distinguish and then added some Christmas flair.

We purchased 40 yards of tartan Christmas ribbon at M&J Trimmings at the beginning of the season - I can't decide which pattern I like better.  I measured out all of the ribbon in advance and then tied up each package.  The shipping label is tied underneath the bow to one side and the ends are trimmed.  The result is festive and fun.  Listen to My Favorite Things on repeat while you wrap to get you in the spirit!


*Richard Jopson: