Caffeinated: Gasoline Alley

Naomi Watts and I were both strolling Bond Street with our dogs this morning.  She looked fabulous.  Shockingly blonde with equally blonde sons, all of them skipping down the block at 7am.  Their yorkie was sweet and was kind enough to stop and give Rosie a few sniffs, despite his celebrity status.  My walk was more "schlep" than "skip."  But my visit to Gasoline Alley really made my morning.

Gasoline Alley is a teensie, tiny coffee shop with entrances on Lafayette and Mulberry, between Houston and Bleecker Streets.  Perfect for commuters catching a ride on the B/D/F/V or 6 trains at the Broadway/Lafayette and Bleecker Street stops, respectively.  The staff is friendly, sweet, and conversational.  The coffee is snobby (they serve Intelligentsia) and the caffeine content is so high that it feels like illicit drug use, so I only drink half coffee/half milk.

No Amex.

Gasoline Alley331 Lafayette Street
(212) 933-0113