Caffeinated: La Colombe

The minute La Colombe opened on Lafayette and 4th Street, I was in heaven.  The ceilings are sky high and the space is flooded with light.  The coffee is strong, the coffee bar is carrara marble and the employees are helpful and kind (I'll say it until I'm blue in the face - good service matters!!).  The space is right across from both Soul Cycle and my gym, so I'm often a sweaty mess in a sea of otherwise exceptionally chic clientele.  The two gentlemen pictured above really look great, don't they?  And one of them was tackling the Times crossword, which always makes me swoon a little.

When you order at the counter you'll get a little 'set-up' with a ceramic plate, a proper spoon, the lid to your to-go cup and access to milk and sugar.  None of the awkward stopping and starting while grabbing the skim milk at the same time as another patron.  It's a perfect place to meet a friend to catch up, or to linger with a book on your own.  And if you're in the mood for a splurge, order a croissant (my favorite in the neighborhood) or a pain de chocolat.  Bags of coffee beans are also available and will be ground at the register upon request.