A Christmas Story

The whole gang cozied up on Christmas morning in our red pajamas

Alright, I won't lie.  As I was walking to work this morning (day two!) freezing my toes off, I saw cheery Christmas lights inside toasty apartments and restaurants and I wanted to rip them off and step on them.  So maybe today the weather is a little intense to think about the cozy holiday days we spent with our families.  ...Or maybe it's the perfect antidote!  As for our little gang: we artfully squeezed three families into two days (his, ours, mine) without exhausting ourselves and without too, too much of a champagne hangover.  

Jack's Christmas Eve 'look' (stare?)

On Christmas Eve we invited Peter's family over for dinner. To keep things easy, my mother-in-law made a vegetarian lasagna in advance so we just reheated and cracked a few bottles of champagne.  Best part is: she made the lasagna in a roasting pan.  A roasting pan, people.  Do you know how big and deep that is?  We were eating jumbo sized lasagna for days afterwards.  After we stuffed ourselves, we bundled up and walked over to Grace Church for the Christmas Eve service, which was beautiful.

Perrier Jouet and Il Buco bread + Salumi to celebrate

In our household, we're all about red pajamas on Christmas morning.

Green juice to prepare for a day's worth of gluttony

Beginning with our Christmas breakfast tradition - eggs benedict 

And then off to grandmother's house we go!  Or, in this case, great-grandmother's!

I hope you had a beautiful holiday and that you make it home today without being frost-bitten!