Confessions of a City Mouse

If you are a city mouse, you might find yourself in a sweet little display on a handmade lace doily.  Or you might find yourself in the mouth of a little monster!

When Peter was a wee-thing his family gifted him Steiff stuffed animals on special occasions.  Steiff toys are so beautifully made that we still have those toys, now vintage, for Jack.  They are in perfect condition.  Steiff is a German toy company that is over 100 years old.  Each Steiff toy is made by hand with the finest materials, including Alpaca and Mohair.  You know you've found a good toy store when you see Steiff toys on their shelves.

And so you'll imagine my delight when I walked into Little Marc Jacobs in the west village, expecting to find graphic t's that I could mostly do without, and instead found a brilliant little treasure trove of first-edition children's books and an array of Steiff toys.  Many of the Steiff items hovered around the $100 mark, but when I found this adorable little mouse for $22 I just had to have it.  Jack absolutely lights up every time I give it to him.  Its nose has a permanent home in Jack's mouth.  

In other news: Jack's first tooth poked through this morning!  This little guy is 21 lbs and 27.5 inches.  He is chowing down on all varieties of solids, giggling like crazy, and getting ready to crawl.

Have a good weekend, whether you are a country mouse or a city one.  Me and my ratfink husband (kidding!) are off to Mr. Chow this evening.  If only we had pretentious (and admittedly fabulous) eyeglasses to dine there with.


Update: Mr. Chow was atrocious, despite their addictive chicken satay and the fact that they sell a decent champagne by the glass for $15.  The service was offensive and the environment was lacking.  I may be back for a business lunch, but never otherwise.